shande and glare protection screen

PTI Easy Up Shade screen panels for windows, glass doors and skylights allow light to pass without the heat and glare. No hardware attachments required.

suction and grip pad mountingPTI's unique suction mount and interlocking pad mounting system securely holds the revolutionary PolyCB2 90% UV filtering screen mesh directly to the glass.

Any size or shape is custom made to your specifications. An arched or curved window, a trapezoid window, a sliding glass door or covering the glass of a recessed skylight becomes a simple project. And, you can leave it up permanently or you can remove and reattach a window or door as many times as you wish.

Feel No Heat, See No Glare
The revolutionary PolyCB2 MX-90 screen mesh minimizes sun glare and filters out harmful heat producing Ultra Violet rays. You "keep the view" and stay cooler in the hottest weather!

Easy Up Shade products are designed for all home, office and industrial applications where heat and/or glare cannot be tolerated and where installation must be simple and easy.

Installation consists of suction cup mounting directly to the glass or the use of the Dual-Grip pad system which allows mounting to nearly any surface. This simple and effective method of installation eliminates the need for any tools or additional hardware. Any window, glass door or skylight can be covered within a matter of minutes.

windows, doors vehicles Shade Screen for: Curved and special shape windows, double hung windows, sliding glass doors, french doors, boat and vehicle windows, and of course, those hard to cover skylights.

The Easy Up Shade PolyCB2 MX-90 screen mesh is available in a variety of colors and provides excellent daytime privacy keeping outside viewers from seeing in. Those on the outside see only a panel of whichever color you have chosen. You will keep your view and have privacy too!

PolyCB2 MX-90 Solar Shade Screen provides 'cool' lighting through a window or glass door. PTI Shade Screen panels on glass doors and windows will lower energy costs by eliminating heat radiation coming through the door glass or window pane.

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