PTI product stops reflected solar radiation damage

Stop Melted Vinyl Siding and Potential Eye Damage from Reflective Treated Window Glass and Energy Efficient (Low Energy, Low-E) Glass Window Panes.

SED (Solar Energy Diffusion) screen by PTI successfully defuses by diffraction the high energy beams of sunlight. This redistribution of a potentially concentrated beam dissipates the solar energy over a wider area rendering it harmless.

Window reflections melt vinyl siding Minor distortions of any window or door glass can turn those glass panes into reflective parabolic mirrors. This reflection problem is most common among energy efficient windows and windows with other reflection treatments. Studies have shown that even the slightest curvature or distortion of the surface of glass, when at specific angles related to the sun, can produce an intensely hot beam of solar energy. 

PTI' Solar Energy Diffusion (SED) Screen is engineered and formulated to exacting technologies designed to scatter the reflected light rays and keep them from becoming a single intense beam hot enough to melt vinyl siding and cause other serious damage. Scattering of the light rays is accomplished by the patented cross-section design of the  extruded fiber stands making up the weave. In optical terms, PTI Solar Energy Diffusion Screen forms a diffracted pattern and the powerful solar energy is diffused. See graphic example of light wave radiation diffraction at the bottom of this page.

Sun rays reflect from glass to narrow focal pointMelted vinyl siding is not the only damage nor only hazard associated with intense reflected radiation from windows. Burnt out sections and strips of lawns, destroyed outdoor furniture, blistered auto paint and other extreme heat damages have been attributed to this phenomena. And, the potential for injury to one's eyes cannot be overlooked

Made to Fit Your Windows:
PTI's Production Department, based upon your measurement specifications given, will custom cut the screen (any size or shape) and prepare the screen with Grip Lock Pads fused to the edges (at approximately 8 to 10 inches apart). The mating pads, which are provided to you, are then mounted by you on the outside of the window directly to the glass or to the window frame. Complete instructions are provided.

PTI's  Grip Lock Pads are 1" in diameter, clear vinyl and perform like Velcro for easy attachment and screen removal as desired. The mating pads are backed with an ultra high bonding adhesive and will insure that your SED screen remains secure under all weather conditions. This simple, easy to install process to prevent melted vinyl siding and other reflection damage can save you hundreds of dollars.

PTI SED Screen is the color of perforated granite and has many additional advantages for the homeowner. It provides daytime privacy from outside viewers without limiting the view from the inside looking out. In addition, it performs like a  high quality solar shade screen shielding you from damaging and heat producing ultraviolet radiation while minimizing the glare from direct sunlight. The pictures below show comparison views from the outside and from the inside.

You will notice that from the outside, vision to the inside is blocked on the window with SED screen. From the inside, looking out, the SED screen gives a clear, color filled, vibrant view and destroys bright sunlight glare (see "Without SED Screen" below).

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SED Screen can also be purchased by the square foot for other mounting applications. Under certain conditions it can be used to replace fiberglass screen in some conventional aluminum screen frames by using a one size smaller spline. For this purpose and other possible mounting configurations (or to place a phone order), please contact the sales staff at Protect Industries. 
The staff at Protect Industries is always ready to assist. You may email them at: or call them at: 239-463-1664. Free samples and price quotes are available.