One-Way-View Privacy Screen

Get Maximum Privacy From PTI Solar Shade Screen. True One-Way-View Screen Mesh Gives Shade Plus Privacy and Outward View.

Protect Industries (PTI) shade screen, manufactured to exacting specifications, provides more privacy with a clearer outward view than any other shade screen on the market. Keep the view and have privacy too!

sunnroom with privacyAll PTI screen mesh shade products meet the demands for privacy and unobstructed outward view. Make your screen room, porch, balcony, deck or whatever private. Enjoy outdoor living to the full extent. And, windows covered with PTI's PolyCB2 solar screen mesh means no need to "pull the blinds" during the day. 

Privacy by means of screen mesh or shade cloth is acquired by optic values that relate to differential lighting and distance. In the case of distance, when close to the screen you have the "keyhole" effect with the pores (open weave  areas) of the screen being more predominate in your field of vision. When further away, the entire mass of the screen becomes more predominate. 

full privacy clear view
Differential lighting involves the reflectivity of the screen fibers or mesh strands. During the daytime, with "outside" being brighter than "inside", the reflection from the screen is more predominate to the outside viewer than the dull areas represented by the pores. Therefore, the screen appears as a solid panel of the screen mesh color. Consequently the term, "daytime privacy". Conversely, for the inside viewer when looking out during the day, the light coming through the pores is the more predominate and the "outside" becomes highly visible.

The precisely extruded stands that make up the weave of PTI solar shade screen mesh are designed and coated to provide the highest reflectivity. The weave of the mesh is then regulated to create small pores accurately proportional to the extruded strands. This exacting process creates an unprecedented clear and undistorted outward view while maintaining a shield of high daytime privacy. And, as an added benefit: All PTI solar shade screen deflects rain and snow from blowing in!

The staff at PTI is always ready to assist whether it be choosing the right weave or innovative mounting design for hard to attach areas.