PTI shade for overhead use

PTI overhead solar shade screen mesh covers for pergolas, trellises, open decks, porches or patios will lower heat from the sun by as much as 30 degrees on hot days.

pergola, trellis shadePTI 80% UV filtering screen mesh is recommended to cover all overhead structures such as a pergola or trellis. The high air flow allows hot air to rise and escape. The exclusive construction and formulation of the shade screen mesh prevents high frequency UV radiation from heating the area and objects below.

A natural "air-conditioning" occurs as the cooler lower air, created by the shade, rises and hot air escapes upward through the pores of the overhead shade screen. Your pergola, trellis, porch, patio or deck instantly becomes "outdoor living" at its finest.

pergola cover showing shade
The shade screen covers can be mounted on top of the structure or below the rafters of the structure. Special mounting attachment is employed when mounting below. The picture to the right shows a partial pergola cover and displays the shade pattern that is cooling the surface of the deck below.

Mounting of the shade cover is done by means of stainless steel grommets on the hemmed edges (and elsewhere as needed). This allows for various secure methods of attachment: permanent screw down; marine style quick release; rope tie-off; etc..

The shade screen covers are custom made to your specifications of length, width, special cut-outs, angles, etc.. Any size or shape can be made. Our step-by-step online ordering page makes design layout simple for most applications. A rough drawing of particulars may be requested in some instances and our experienced staff is always ready to assist.

All PTI solar shade screen material is formulated and woven to PTI's exacting specifications for performance and durability. The thirty year lifespan of these materials insures that your project needs to be done only once.