saftey netting barrier tarps

Safety Netting Screen Barrier Tarps make the patio, porch, balcony, deck rail area and stairwell railings safer for pets and children.

PTI's barrier tarps and safety nettings have up to 200 pound ball burst strength. You see through and protect too! Keep your decorative railing structure or stairwell guard and upgrade to all safety requirements.

open deck railingAny size or shape is custom made to your specifications for a perfect fit. The high strength of PTI screen mesh meets and exceeds building code specifications for safety netting. 

Attachment is made by the stainless steel grommets spaced out along the reinforced hems. This allows for several methods of installation. If your railing  is metal, a popular method is rope lacing. If your railing is wood, then direct attachment of the grommets by screws works well. Most aluminum railings will also accept self taping screws for mounting.

high balcony gaurd railYou can select your barrier tarps made from any of the PTI solar shade screen materials (colors available) or from industrial netting (black only). The shade screen mesh provides privacy with "one-way view" which is very popular on balconies, porches and high decks. The industrial netting is less dense and available in several weaves.

The staff at PTI is always ready to assist whether it be choosing the right weave or innovative mounting design for hard to attach areas.

stairwell protectionStairwells and staircases are a common hazard for small children and playful pets. A gate across the entrance to stairs is often insufficient in reducing risk. A couple of hours of labor and a made-to-fit safety netting can eliminate worries. 

There is no easier way to protect a child or pet from a hazardous stairwell stair casing or an open access area below a banister.