screen mesh garden covers

Solar Screen Mesh Garden Protection Tarps prevent sun scorching of plants and damage from hail and torrential rain. Agriculture rated for vegetable and ornamental gardens.

PTI garden tarp screen mesh covers protect gardens from sun and triple the healthy  growth of plants by providing increased time for photosynthesis to occur. 

The blocking of up to 60% of UV radiation stops sun scorching of plantings and allows cooler ground air to rise and maintain optimal growing temperatures surrounding plants for longer periods of the day.

wilted plantsAny size or shape is custom made to your exact specifications for a perfect fit. The high strength and great durability of the PolyCB2 HD-60 screen mesh netting is impervious to damage. Hail stones bounce off and heavy rain is broken up into a gentle watering. 

Stainless steel grommets are spaced out along the reinforced hems. This allows for several methods of installation over your garden. The tarps can be rope laced to a framework or even held up by heavy duty, well implanted, garden stakes. A network of securely strung cables is often used to hold the tarps up over large areas.

garden cover in sectionsFor best results, several smaller tarps to cover your garden are better than one large tarp. Keeping the sizes to eight feet or less wide will not only make your garden cover easier to handle but will help prevent grommets from being torn out during rough and windy weather. 

As an example: A 20' x 15' garden area would be better covered by five 4' x 15' garden tarps. This will allow your garden cover to be mounted on a simple framework or held by a series of tightly strung 15' long cables.

The staff at Protect Industries is always ready to assist in discussing innovative mounting design for hard to attach areas. Just send an email, a fax or make a phone call.

hydroponics gardenPolyCB2 HD-60 screen mesh is the recommended sun shade screen for hydroponics gardening. It decreases water evaporation while allowing sufficient solar energy to promote healthy maturing of plants. Hydroponics growers of vegetable produce have reported multiplied growing cycles and substantially increased production. 

Protect Industries continues to work with universities and researchers throughout the country to reduce energy usage and improve lifestyle through advanced technologies .