PTI Product Overview

PTI Manufactures Shade Screen Products

Made to order shade screen and insect screen mesh products for porch, patio, deck, balcony, pergola, trellis, gazebo, sunroom, solarium, window, skylight, garden, boat and recreation vehicles.

Shade screen curtain setups that allow airflow while blocking high wind and shed blowing rain and snow. One-way-view all weather curtains for porch, patio, deck, balcony, pergola, trellis or gazebo.

Custom screen mesh products providing solutions for a host of home, office, industrial, commercial, agricultural, research, scientific and military applications / requirements.

Overhead Pergola, Trellis and Deck Shade

shade cover - pergolaA Solar Shade Screen Cover for a Pergola, Trellis or Deck Gives “Living in the Shade” a new meaning! Screen covers provide high UV Protection and reduce temperatures by as much as 30 degrees on hot days.
pergola, trellis, deck screen

Suction Held Window Solar Shade Screens

skylight with shade screenEasy Up Shade suction held shade screen panels for hard to cover arch windows, sliding glass doors, skylights, etc. Stop heat and glare. No hardware attachments needed. “You keep the View and Have Privacy too”.
window shade screen

Slide Back and Rollup Shade Screen Curtains

roller curtainSliding and Rollup curtains for protection from the sun provide the ultimate in comfort and versatility on your porch, patio, deck, balcony, pergola, gazebo or sun room. A PTI solar shade screen curtain will reduce heat, deter rain and snow from blowing in and protect from high winds. Block the sun glare and keep the view!
shade screen curtains

Balcony, Porch, Stairwell Safety Netting

Screen Mesh Safety Netting with 200# ball balcony with safety netting burst strength for Balconies, Porches and Stairwells. Cover those out-of-code railing spindles with custom size safety netting panels and avoid guardrail replacement costs. Provide safety for children and pets.
guardrail safety netting

Grommet Edge Screen Mesh Tarp Panels. Multiple hang-in-place shade tarp Use. Custom Sizes and Shapes.

Hang in place or permanent mount. Custom made to your specs for your patio, porch, pergola, gazebo, balcony, pole barn, car port, garage or whatever you have. Stop heat and UV damage but not the breeze. Protection from the sun where you need it and when you need it.
screen mesh tarps

Garden Protection Tarps

sun damaged plantPolyCB2 HD-60 Solar Shade Screen Tarps provide total protection for gardens. Stop sun scorching of plants. Protect from hail and torrential rain. Provides healthy plant growth and triples vegetable garden production with increased photosynthesis.
garden protection tarps

One Way View Daytime Privacy Screen

slide back privacy curtainNeed Privacy But Want to See Out? PTI “Keep The View” PolyCB2 screen mesh gives high privacy, airflow and excellent outward view. No other daytime privacy screening material can match this as a one way view screen! Perfect for a curtain on your pergola, trellis, gazebo, deck, porch, patio, sunroom, etc. 
privacy screen

Stop Melted Siding and Sun Damage Caused by Reflection from Windows

melted sidingPTI Solar Energy Diffusion (SED) Screen is formulated to prevent melted vinyl siding and serious eye damage. Slight distortions in reflective treated windows have been found to concentrate sunlight into intense beams of high energy.
stop melted vinyl siding

PTI Ultra Strong, 30 Year Life, Screen Mesh. Sold by the roll and cut sizes.

rolls of screenSolar Shade Screen and Insect Screen in rolls and cut sizes are available to homeowners and contractors. All PTI screen mesh maintains beauty and has the strength to resist hurricane force winds and flying debris. Materials for do-it-yourself screening.
screen by the roll or cut size

Industrial and Commercial Applications

breezeway rain shieldsPTI Screen Mesh products combine high strength, durability and resistance to chemical and environmental conditions for a multitude of custom applications. Projects range from work area safety dividers to condominium breezeway rain deflectors. Our experienced staff will help select and design to your specifications.
industrial and commercial

Marine Applications

U.S.C.G. small boat notch coverFrom boat dock shade screen to U.S. Coast Guard equipment covers. PTI PolyCB2 marine grade certified screen mesh, stainless steel hardware with UV resistant tie down web straps and connectors are the answer. Protect the hull and upholstery from UV caused deterioration. Consider using custom made shade screen bimini drops to provide 'see through' vertical area shade without limiting breeze flow.
marine screen applications

Specialized and Unique Applications

cool pet shade logoHorse-Barn doorway and barn window fly guard curtains. Sanitation District Insect control. PTI Cool-Pet kennel shade tarps. Dust, pollen and debris control. Little League dugout shade. View through shields for sensitive instruments. Water flow gate safety netting. PTI has made them all and provides free assistance in the design and engineering of your project.
unique screen mesh applications

all weather variationsStop the Winter Cold and the Summer Heat! Insulate your porch, patio, balcony or screen room with PolyCB2 Thermal Weave Insulating Screen.

This revolutionary screening product, created by NASA inspired thermodynamic research, insulates from both hot and cold temperatures by limiting thermal energy exchange. Your screened in area becomes a temperature "controlled environment" throughout the year. You "keep the view" and have fresh air too! And furthermore, you are protected from high winds, rain, snow and UV radiation.

Thermal Weave Insulating Screen

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ProTect Industries is the leading manufacturer of high quality custom made solar shade screen products and is the exclusive supplier of the revolutionary PolyCB2 screen

Additional Product Information

New technologies have created synthetic fibers of extreme strength, durability and ultra high resistance to natural and man made environments. Screen mesh woven from these fibers can be used to create long life products for your pergola, gazebo, trellis, patio, porch, deck, balcony, glass door, window, sun room, garden and for a myriad of industrial applications.

Pergola and Trellis Shade:

A shade cover for pergola or trellis lowers temperatures beneath the pergola or trellis and allows hot air to rise and escape. A pergola or trellis slide curtain, roll up curtain or hanging screen curtain will give additional shade. A curtain provides privacy for a pergola or trellis and visibility outward from the interior of the pergola or trellis. A curtain on a pergola or trellis will also shed rain.

Patio, Porch, Deck and Balcony Shade:

A patio, porch, deck or balcony sliding curtain, roll up curtain or hang in place curtain provides shade, fresh air, and lets you see out on your porch, patio, deck or balcony and gives privacy. These curtains shed rain and stop blowing snow on a porch, patio, deck or balcony. High winds are blocked and only a breeze will come through.

Rain, Snow and High Wind Protection:

Our custom curtains are reinforced to withstand high wind and flying debris. They shield your pergola, trellis, gazebo, porch, patio, deck or balcony from strong wind, rain and snow. They allow airflow and outward visibility, UV protection and shade for a pergola, trellis, gazebo, porch, patio, patio, deck or balcony. Eliminate wind driven rain, snow and debris from penetrating the area.

Window and Glass Door Shade:

Stop heat and damaging UV Rays. Block glare from glass door or window with PolyCB2 MX-90 solar shade material. Easy Up Shades allow you to see out while providing privacy. And, they require no hardware to mount.

Stop Melted Vinyl Siding and Reflection Damage:

Solar Energy Diffusion (SED) screen on the outside of a window will stop reflected high energy light beams which melt vinyl siding, burn outdoor furniture and can cause eye damage.

Garden and Plant Shade:

Garden cover shade mesh protection tarps stop sun scorching and water evaporation. Hail bounces off and heavy rain is scattered. Plants thrive under these shade screen tarps due to the increased hours of photosynthesis.

Safety Products for Those “Little Critters”:

Custom Made Screen Netting Tarps to go around a stairwell. Screen Netting Tarps to close off the escape route between pickets below guardrails on porch, patio, balcony, etc.. 

Marine and Industrial Products:

Protect from sun damage. Cover sensitive instrumentation and avoid water condensation. Section off industrial work areas with protection from flying debris. Hundreds of innovative applications are available to satisfy commercial and industrial requirements.

Need a Horse Barn Window Curtain? An Aircraft Wind, Rain, Sun Protection System?
PTI Custom Products range from horse barn fly-sweep window curtains to wind, rain and sun protection systems for aircraft hanger doorways.

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